Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pepper spraying students: UC Davis and the politics of memory

Remember this?
Linda Katehi, UC Davis Chancellor, the university where the imperial storm troopers 
campus police pepper sprayed students, doesn't want you to. Will Bunch explains:
You know who doesn't want you to remember the flurry of news coverage about this incident? Yup, UC Davis (how did you guess?). But here's what's truly amazing -- and unbelievably stupid at the same time. The university administration spent $175,000 in an effort to "scrub" the Internet so that prospective students searching for UC Davis info won't learn about the university's outrageous behavior, including the poor handling of the incident by university chancellor Linda Katehi.
Somehow, Katehi kept her job after the pepper spraying -- a mistake that was compounded by this caper lifted straight from the pages of George Orwell, inventor of "the memory hole." True, $175,000 isn't a lot in the multi-million sinkhole that is today's American university, but hey, maybe two or three lower income kids could have gotten their sheepskin, instead. Just my crazy idea.
Of course, UC Davis being a public university and all, Katahi's Orwellian crusade came out in the media. That meant the launching of 1,000 new articles and blog posts like this one, not to mention a slew of negative commentary about the school on social media. So that now, kids thinking about applying for admission to UC Davis for 2017 will learn that, as in the headline of this SEO-optimized blog post, that UC Davis is the place for all your pepper spraying needs.
I rarely ask for things, and God knows I don't get paid by the pageview (because I'd be broke if I was) but please do your part to make this post -- or articles like this -- go viral. Not just for the initial crime, but now for the cover-up, Linda Katehi has got to go as chancellor of this warped institution. For one more spurt of nostalgia, here's the video of an amazing protest that the kids at UC Davis conducted in 2011...leading to Katehi's infamous "walk of shame."
Bunch includes Katehi's infamous 'walk of shame' video, so I will also include it here, as a reminder and another data point for internet searches:

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