Wednesday, May 25, 2016

wtf philosophy: more on Pogge

More on the clusterfuck that is l'affaire Pogge, from Daily Nous pointing us to Huffington Post. Leiter has some stuff as well.

Apparently, Pogge blames his heart attack on the legal action against him.
“I remember the heart attack vividly,” Pogge told HuffPost on Tuesday. “Its proximate cause was an article I read. The article convinced me that Olivarius could just write anything they like to all my students, former students and anyone they choose even if they know it to be false (as their letters were). There was no recourse, no way to make them stop.”
This is just stupid, too stupid for a professional philosopher who must know the difference between temporal and causal relationships. It gets worse. In the  HuffPost article, we also learn that he filed his complaint against the law firm representing Fernanda Lopez Aguila, the student who complained to Yale about Pogge's sex harassment and assault.
A few months after hearing from Olivarius, Pogge filed his complaint. “The behaviors attributed to me go fundamentally against what I believe, teach and write about,” he wrote in the filing. “By the end of this summer I suffered a heart attack with my [primary care physician] commenting that I am the very last person he would have deemed at risk. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, (never have), I am not overweight (143 lbs), I have not owned a car for decade (doing everything by bicycle), and my cholesterol on the day of the heart attack was in the 160s.
This is stupid on steroids. Good numbers and health habits lower the probability for heart disease, but do not bring it to zero. 

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