Friday, June 24, 2016


 I don't usually rely on J.K.Rowling for political insight, but I think her tweet summed things up very nicely:
Scotland will seek independence now. Cameron's legacy will be breaking up two unions. Neither needed to happen.
Plus there is the matter of Ireland:
The demand will be loud and instant for Scotland to assure its own destiny by breaking free of the UK. This is precisely the kind of “material change” that the Scottish National party always said would be enough to warrant a second referendum to follow the one held in 2014. And this time, surely, there will be a majority for independence. So a first legacy of 23 June could well be the imminent break-up of the UK.
The implications will be profound for Northern Ireland too. The return of a “hard border” between north and south imperils a peace that was hard-won and too often taken for granted. Note this morning’s warning from Sinn Féin that the British government has “forfeited any mandate to represent the economic and political interests of people in Northern Ireland”.
And for all we can tell from the rumblings of nativist parties in Europe, the EU itself might collapse from further copycat votes in Italy, France, the Netherlands.

It's hard to believe but now easier to imagine that the possible twin collapse of the UK and the EU was instigated by a craven British upper-class twit of a politician aiming to gain a temporary advantage in an intra-party fight.

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