Tuesday, July 26, 2016

You're being ridiculous

I was a teenager in 1968 and thought, as it turned out, wrongly, that it didn't matter whether Nixon or Humphrey won the election---they were equally odious tools of the establishment, working ceaselessly to continue raining bombs down on Vietnam in order to channel government contracts to Boeing and Dow Chemical, that is, when they weren't also working ceaselessly to put the finishing touches on the police state that would lock down protests, lock up protestors, further marginalize blacks and farm workers, intensify the disempowerment of women, and....you get the picture?

I was wrong, something I figured out early in 1969. Hubert Horatio Humphrey was indeed an establishment tool, and war mongerer, but he was orders of magnitudes less a tool and war mongerer than Nixon. I learned that even while holding principles (it was much later that I became sceptical of the use of principles in political and moral reasoning) it is possible, and required by reason, to make comparative judgments.

So Silverman is right: the ragtag remnants of the Bernie or bust crew are being ridiculous. Learn to think.


  1. ms silverman is also very pretty - as is ivanka trump, of course

    1. and are we supposed to agree that the "pretty" category exhausts evaluative possibilities for women's views?