Friday, August 5, 2016

Damage control: Pence edition (updated)

Really? Pence is Trump's damage control?
If Mike Pence had any doubts about what life would be like on the 2016 Republican presidential ticket with Donald Trump, the past week will have erased them: He is the damage control guy.
This guy? The global warming is a myth guy? The privatize social security guy? The let's keep discrimination against gay people legal guy?The Periods for Pence guy? The Indiana HIV epidemic because he defunded planned parenthood and resisted needle exchanges guy? This guy is Trump's damage control? If Trump is a 9.0 earthquake, Pence is an EF 5 tornado. If Trump is a nuclear explosion, Pence is category 5 hurricane that blows the radiation all over the map.


(Update 8/7) Political has a feature up delving into Pence and Indiana's HIV crisis
The dearth of funding for needle exchange programs comes as overall public health funding in Indiana has cratered during Pence’s tenure. During the 2012 fiscal year, Indiana spent $17.43 per person on the state’s public health budget despite high rates of cancer deaths and low vaccination rates, according to the Trust for America’s Health, ranking 36th in expenditures nationwide. Last year, per capita public health expenditures dropped to $12.40. Just five states had a lower level of funding.
Read the whole thing here.

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