Wednesday, August 3, 2016

email from fake academic journal: Inventy edition

Just in case you got a spam email soliciting papers from something called Research Inventy: International Journal of Engineering and Science (IJES), yes, it is a Beall listed fake academic publication.
 If you are a new to receiving fake journal solicitations, you might be wondering: what are some of the tells that this is a solicitation for a scam journal? 
For one thing, while it is soliciting english language papers, the email is written in poor English: e.g."
We would like to invite you to contribute your Research Paper for publication in Research Inventy.
Papers published in Research Inventy will receive very high publicity and acquire very high reputation." Second, there is no listed editorial board; the link on the alleged journal's website keeps you on the home page. Third, the email comes from an unnamed "Editor in Chief". Fourth, it is on Beall's list of probable predatory journals.
(In a world in which  Trump is being treated like a genuine successful businessman and presidential candidate, being able to suss out a putative academic journal as fake is a welcome restorative.)

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