Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lil' Donnie's traveling geek show

Every time you begin to hope that the world makes sense again, there is this:
On Monday night, Trump also escalated his rhetoric about Democratic rival Clinton. In a packed rally in a high school gym in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, he called the former secretary of state “the devil”.
The statement came after Trump reiterated a frequent allegation of his on the campaign trail in recent days, that in endorsing the former secretary of state, Bernie Sanders made a deal with the devil. He went further this time, explicitly saying: “She’s the devil.”
Yes, Hillary Clinton, mother of lies, lady of the flies, baal zevuv. And hundreds of people stand in the sun and drenching rain for hours to be admitted to the presence of the human form which says that. And also this:
Trump complained of Isis: “They can chop off heads, they can drown people, they can bury you in sand and we can’t waterboard.” In the opinion of the Republican presidential nominee, “we’re not playing on a level playing field”.
So he is complaining that Daesh gets to chop off heads but he doesn't? Here's an apt substitute Donnie---you can bite off the heads of chickens for your next act. Isn't that what geek shows like yours traditionally did? Though after hearing from someone who listened to the whole, disjointed, rambling hour in which Trump didn't complete a single sentence, much less a thought, jumping off from theme A to B to C to D, all the way down the alphabet, like someone you might encounter on s barstool, or a nursing home, it seems to me that Donnie might more aptly be called Dr. Dementia.

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