Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trump fundraising totals: bullshit edition

Knew it (ok, technically I didn't 'know' this, unless you hold that true belief is sufficient for knowledge, so 'guessed' it or 'called it' may be more accurate, but whatever) : Trump's gloating over raising 80 million in July is bullshit. The Trump campaign was forced by law to submit a more accurate report yesterday, and Politico reports:
Though the campaign touted an $80 million figure for its July fundraising, just $36.7 million of that total went directly to the campaign. The rest came in through joint fundraising vehicles with the Republican National Committee and state parties. But at least $9.5 million of that money is off limits for spending on the election because it's designated for the RNC's convention, headquarters and legal accounts. Plus, the RNC is considering spending its money down-ballot instead of supporting Trump as tensions boil over between the party's apparatus and its defiant nominee.
The money that the Trump campaign raised also didn't come cheap. The campaign more than doubled its spending from the previous month to $18.5 million in July, far more than in any other period of the campaign. But most of that money went toward expanding the campaign's online fundraising operation.
A full 45 percent, or $8.4 million, went to Giles-Parscale, the San Antonio-based digital marketing firm that has done Trump's online advertising. (The company had never worked for a campaign before 2016.) The campaign also paid $100,000 to the Prosper Group for fundraising consulting.

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