Friday, September 9, 2016

Trump, Pence, Putin: il duce edition

It is now the official view of the Trump-Pence campaign that Putin is a laudably strong leader, and much of the GOP is going along.

Is this what Trump and Pence celebrate as strong? Here's a partial list:

He ordered a murder on Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006.

In Chechnya, he restarted a war, and destroyed its cities and imposed direct rule from Moscow.

He starts wars, and seizes territory: in Georgia (you  might remember 2008 GOP presidential candidate McCain frothing at the mouth at the chance to get involved in Putin's Georgia invasion in 2008) and of course Ukraine.

He repeatedly arrests and imprisons, after farcical trials, opponents of all stripes, including satirical opposition performers "Pussy Riot" (among many others).

Yeah. Strong. Like Mussolini, who ended up hunted down and hanged by his own people, after having destroyed his own country. Is this what Trump has in store for us?

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