Monday, September 12, 2016

Yeah, right: Trump medical report edition

He'll release it as soon as his team finishes fabricating it:*
Donald Trump will release “very, very specific” results of a physical examination soon, the Republican presidential candidate said on Monday, a day after the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, was revealed to have pneumonia.
“This last week I took a physical and I’ll be releasing when the numbers come in,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News.
Trump has so far released only a short letter from his personal physician, which the doctor in question subsequently said had been rushed.
This time, his team will give his Dr. Feelgood** ample time to sign the report Trump wrote for him.

*(do you honestly think Trump would allow a real medical report to be released? Then it would be revealed his viagra and amphetimine presecriptions, and possibly treatment for a prostate condition.)

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