Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dumping Trump: conspiracy theory edition

If I were a conspiracy theorist---which I'm not, I just write about them---I would be thinking that the timing of the release of the Trump pussygate video to coincide with the Wikileak release of the hacked emails with Clinton speech transcripts, coming on the heels of Pence's successful public debut in the vp debate, and following up on the leak of Trump's taxes was enough evidence to conclude that:
  • the gop establishment is engineering a Trump departure and replacement by Pence
  • it was the hidden hand behind all these leaks, working in concert with its bff Vlad Putin*
(*yes, I know that Vlad is Trump's bff, or so Trump thought, but sly Vladimir is playing a long game, with a longer con, and has lured the GOP borg into his circle of confederates for his own nefarious purposes).

Of course I don't believe this. But someone might.

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