Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pennsylvania Senate Race: Fraidy- Pat edition

In the not so great commonwealth of Pennsyltucky, incumbent Republican Pat Toomey is locked in a death match with challenger Kate McGinty, Democrat, for the US senate seat. Toomey has been playing coy about Trump all year, and even after the pussy tape showing Trump boasting about his sexual assault prowess, Toomey sees no reason to get off the fence.
Sen. Pat Toomey (R., Pa.) refused to rule out supporting Donald Trump for president Tuesday, despite mounting political pressure and high-profile defections from other GOP lawmakers.
Toomey said definitively he would not vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton -- calling her "one of the most flawed nominees in the history of the republic," -- but left open the possibility that he might eventually support Trump, his party's nominee.
Locked in one of the country's toughest Senate races, Toomey has not endorsed Trump and reiterated Tuesday that he has "serious reservations, serious concerns," about the New Yorker. But when asked if he could rule out backing Trump, Toomey said, "I remain unpersuaded."
"I made it clear way back in May, way back when Donald Trump emerged as the likely nominee, that I had serious reservations, serious concerns, I still do," Toomey said Tuesday. "I will continue to speak out when I think it's appropriate."

Apparently, Toomey doesn't think Trump's sexual assault confessions count as an appropriate occasion.
He was more definitive on Clinton: "I think Hillary Clinton is a hopelessly flawed candidate, I could never support Hillary Clinton."
While Trump's comments have threatened to make him toxic with moderate voters and wipe out fellow Republicans, abandoning Trump also comes with the risk of offending his fervent supporters on the right.
Toomey blasted his Democratic challenger, Katie McGinty, for her support of Clinton, saying, "that kind of reflexive partisanship is not helpful in Washington, it's not going to help us break the gridlock that we have."
McGinty has hammered Toomey for cowardice and political calculation, saying he has refused to stand up to Trump in the wake of the video. Her campaign has labeled Toomey "Fraidy-Pat."
Pennsylvanians have never elected a woman to one of its senate seats. Yet.

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