Sunday, November 13, 2016

Donald Trump: Cossack

Don't remember who the Cossacks are? Well, you should. They are the mounted militia that led pogroms, killing, maiming, raping, pillaging and terrorizing in service of the Tsar. And now they have made Trump one of their own:
US President-elect Donald Trump has been made an honorary Russian Cossack.
In addition to his electoral victory being applauded on the floor of the Russian Duma, he has been welcomed into the Irbis Cossack group.
Mr Trump and his entire family have been invited to attend a welcoming ceremony involving an "unforgettable programme" of traditional activities, Moscow Times reported.
Yeah, like what traditional activities? Starting a pogrom?


  1. i wonder if the cossacks know that trump has a jewish son in law, that his daughter converted to judaism, and his grandchildren are jews - and would it matter to them if they did know?