Sunday, November 27, 2016

Notes on the Kakocracy

The piles of shit from the Trumpers are growing exponentially---business entanglements all over the world (so our US policies toward Turkey or Argentina will be driven by Trump branded golf courses), unsubstantiated and completely false allegations in insane tweetstorms about illegal voters (designed to pull eyeballs away from the Times story about Trump's business entanglements?), and a series of humiliation games involving cabinet picks.
Competence certainly but also worldview seem largely irrelevant to Trump's personnel deliberations. Loyalty is the only criteria. Conway seemed to state this explicitly in her comments on CNN: "There are concerns that those of us who are loyal have [about Romney]." (emphasis added) This is of a piece with the central role of Trump's children, his son-in-law and the open effort to turbocharge Trump's licensing, management and construction business with the presidency. The entire presidency looks set to be personalized, with the difference between the president's personal and public interests not a matter of conflict but simply an irrelevance.
Conway sounds like she's been binge watching the Godfather. She might help herself by turning off the video and remembering that the last figure to whom there was such absolute loyalty was Bernie Madoff. 

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