Friday, March 10, 2017

more fake academic journal email: IJAIST edition

Just heard from another fake academic journal, this time  IJAIST---you know, the International Journal of Advanced Information Science and Technology, (surely you've gotten one of these emails as well) inviting me to submit a paper on, well, just about anything. It advertises itself as a Scopus Journal, which just means it gets indexed by Scopus, and has a button on its home page saying it is registered in Thompson Reuters, though when you click that button you get the 404 not found page.

The 'about us' description is a triumph, at least over the English language, and worth sharing:
The aim of IJAIST is to subsidize onrushing knowledge in various research fields with erudition, hence to elevate high trait research.The IJAIST is progressively vital journal for the development of Information Science and Technology. The core addressees of this publication comprises academics, research scholars, graduate students, practitioners and all others interested in Information Science and Technology research. The journal welcomes and encourages articles from both practitioners and academics.
IJAIST is an entrenched and prominent venue for publishing research papers as recognized by various universities and international professional bodies. IJAIST is an arbitrated open for publishing scientific papers in all areas of information science and technology research. The objective of IJAIST is to impart succor in the development of science and technology. Most importantly, IJAIST aspire at progressive conventional journals by the pioneer to explore in their respective research areas.
IJAIST is a Double Blind Peer Reviewed and Scopus Journal. Reviewing is an essential building block in the development of a coherent and respected network of knowledge. It reflects the quality of research carried out by a researcher. The success of Scientific publishing relies on the review process and IJAIST provides one such review process to publish a research article.

o        VISION
We will nurture universal gen to set with merit, which exemplify IJAIST as one of the leading global source for scientific research organization.

o         MISSION
We consign to
§  Endorse fineness for journal publications of the member bodies
§  Serve as a medium for broadcast and converse of scientific knowledge
§  Triumph technical eminence in our programs, Publications and other activities.
§  Integrity in the practice of our profession.
§  Concede achievements of individuals and institutions for their research and publications.
§  The progression of the Technology and Engineering disciplines.

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