Saturday, March 25, 2017

Notes from the Trump Kakocracy: Ivanka edition

Even as the white working class languishes and dies, white trash kleptocrats prosper:
There’s one less mystery surrounding the Trump family: the identity of the landlord who rents to first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband, top White House adviser Jared Kusher, has finally been revealed.
And the rent check goes to … a Chilean billionaire. And not just your run-of-the-mill Latin American magnate, but one who is mired in a legal battle with the U.S. government, according to the Wall Street Journal.
The identity of the owner of the Kalorama mansion that the Trump-Kushner family moved into this year had been obscured through a company, “Tracy D.C. Real Estate Inc.,” listed on the deed for the sale in December, according to Washington property records. But the Journal was able to locate the man behind the company: Andrónico Luksic belongs to one of Chile’s wealthiest families, the newspaper reports, and the U.S. branch of his company is suing the government for blocking its plan to run a copper-and-nickel mining operation adjacent to a Minnesota wilderness area.
A Luksic rep tells the Journal that the couple is paying “absolute market value” for the mansion,
Does this count as a foreign emolument, or just good old fashioned bribery to obtain a favorable outcome in the ongoing litigation?
Meanwhile, the invasion of the Trump/Kushner crew is driving neighbors nuts:
Residents of a posh Washington neighborhood say the Trump clan doesn't make for very good neighbors, hogging parking on an already crowded street and leaving trash bags rotting on the curb. A big part of the complaint: a huge security presence, with even a trip to the playground requiring three vans.
Neighbors of Trump, her husband Jared Kushner and their three children have groused that sidewalks have been closed, public parking overrun and that the family and their staff can't even be bothered to learn the trash pickup schedule outside their $5.5-million home.
"It has been a three-ring circus from the day that they've moved in," said Marietta Robinson, who lives across the street, speaking with The Associated Press. "They've completely ruined the neighborhood."
The house in the Kalorama neighborhood was bought in December by a company with ties to a Chilean billionaire. The company is renting it to Kushner and Trump, who moved in just after the inauguration of her father, President Donald Trump. Both work in the White House as advisers to the president.
And the Chilean billionaire who is undoubtedly* collecting a fair market rate from his tenants didn't manage to file the necessary paperwork:
Some in the neighborhood have also complained about the family's rental arrangement. The company that owns the house didn't obtain a rental license for two months, securing one just this week after it was warned by city regulators.
*insert sarcasm indicator 

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