Sunday, April 2, 2017

Another email from a fake academic journal: IJHSSR edition

Dr. Willard Nicholas, is at it again, soliciting papers for the fake academic publication, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Review, published by the outfit RIPK )Research Institute for the progression of knowledge), soliciting papers in such areas as:
Humanities and Social Science: Humanities, History, Journalism and Mass Communication, Corporate Governance, Cross-Cultural Studies, Peace and Conflict, Library and Information Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Women Studies, Religious Studies, Social Welfare, Anthropology, Linguistics, International Relations, Law, Development Studies, and so on.
Business and Economics: General Business Research, International Business and Economics, Business and Marketing, Economics, Financial Development, Accounting, Banking, Human Resources and so on.
Education and Management: Education, Gender Studies, Entrepreneurship Development, Library Science, Media Studies, Management, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Production/Operations Management, Organizational Behavior and Theory, Strategic Management Policy, Social Issues and Public Policy, Management Organization, Statistics and Econometrics, Personnel and Industrial Relations, Methodology, Political Science, Population Studies, Public Administration, Management Information Systems, Information Technology and so on.
How do you know this is a fake journal, you might be thinking? First, see the areas quoted above. Second, the email promises "acceptance notification' 5-7 days after manuscript submission. Third, while the putative journal has its own email address now, it also continues to use a hot mail address. Fourth, "Dr. Willard Nicholas" continues to be invisible to google.

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