Monday, May 15, 2017

More invitations from fake academic operations

How thoughtful of them, and by them, I mean Pete Summers, (or "Pete Summers"?) on behalf of NorCal Open Access Publications, who generously invited me onto the editorial board of NorCal's new journal Advances in Environment and Pollution Research
We came across your biography and your contribution towards scientific community is immense. We would like to invite you to join our prestigious editorial board of Advances in Environment and Pollution Research and support us to drive the journal in the right direction.
That's odd, because my biography and CV clearly indicate that I am a philosopher, not an environmental scientist. But, on the other hand, I do teach courses in Environmental Philosophy and I have had first hand experience with generating and disposing of garbage.

Why would I want to join this board? I quote verbatim from the invitation:
Few editorial board benefits and responsibilities include:
-If an active editorial board member of NorCal Open Access Publications publishes any manuscript he/she can enjoy life time 50% waiver on the publication fee.
-He/she can play an active role in the progress of the journal.
-To review the policies and scope of the journal, and he/she can edit/change them accordingly, if necessary.
-He/she should give opinion on the manuscripts, if assigned.
-To review the manuscripts received for the journal and should look after the manuscript publication process.
-He/she will be assigned not more than 4 manuscripts to review annually, if required.
-He/she can assist managing editor of the journal in inviting manuscripts and coining special issues, if required.
 "Coining special issues"? Did he mean "conning?"

The listed address of the probable fake academic publisher NorCal Open Access matches the address of Executive Suite 100, which provides virtual offices.

NorCal Open Access is too new an operation to have shown up on Beall's list, which was taken down several months ago, but it displays all the hallmarks of a fake academic publisher.

But wait---there's more: I also got an invitation to contribute to a special issue of Environmental Pollution and Protection:
he "Environmental Pollution and Protection" (EPP, ISSN: 2519-1063) is planning to publish a Special Issue on "Monitoring and environmental remediation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)" ( We cordially invite you to submit or recommend articles to this special issue through our Manuscript Tracking System or by email to For better promotion, 60% discount on the article processing fee will be granted to all the papers submitted to this special issue.

About this special issue:
  • • Submission Deadline: July 31, 2017
  • • Publication Date:  September 2017
  • • Article Processing Fee:  USD 99.00
In case you were wondering, this journal is a product of probable fake academic publisher Isaac Scientific Publishing, around long enough to have made Beall's list.

My sudden popularity with fake academic enterprises doesn't end with Isaac. Today's email also brought me an invitation to one of the fall 2017 International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research's apparently fake academic conferences, one in Las Vegas and the other in Atlantic City. Smell fake to you? Does to me. 

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