Thursday, May 25, 2017

More spam from NorCal Open Access

He's at it again, and by "he" I mean, "Pete Summers", the name used by the fake publisher NorCal in its spam invitations to join an editorial board of a fake academic journal. The first spam invitation came two weeks ago, and this one popped up in my inbox this morning. 

This is a follow up mail from the editorial office of Advances in Environment and Pollution Research.
We would like to remind you regarding our invitation to join the editorial board of Advances in Environment and Pollution Research and support us to drive the journal in the right direction.
Few editorial board benefits and responsibilities include:
-If an active editorial board member of NorCal Open Access Publications publishes any manuscript he/she can enjoy life time 50% waiver on the publication fee.
-He/she can play an active role in the progress of the journal.
-To review the policies and scope of the journal, and he/she can edit/change them accordingly, if necessary.
-He/she should give opinion on the manuscripts, if assigned.
-To review the manuscripts received for the journal and should look after the manuscript publication process.
-He/she will be assigned not more than 4 manuscripts to review annually, if required.
-He/she can assist managing editor of the journal in inviting manuscripts and coining special issues, if required.
If you would like to join the editorial board, please submit your details (updated CV, list of publications, short biography (120-150 words), keywords of research interests, photograph).
I will be happy to assist you for any further queries.
Thank you in advance,
Pete Summers
NorCal Open Access Publications
4701 Patrick Henry Drive Bldg. 16
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Telephone: +1-408-609-3061
Thank you, "Pete", for this followup invitation to join your scam outfit, but at this time (which extends from the present into the year 2567) I have no interest in reviewing "the policies and scope of the journal" in order to "edit/change them accordingly, if necessary", nor would I like to be involved in "coining special issues".

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