Friday, May 19, 2017

More spam from scam journals: Medcrave edition

I was just contacted by a fake academic enterprise I hadn't heard of before: the "Medcrave Group", though it did make Beall's list before it was taken down. The stated address (which lacks a street number) is in Edmond,Oklahoma, which isn't at all suspicious.

I was contacted on behalf of the Sociology International Journal; the subject heading of the email was "Honorable Editor" (yes, really). The email is worth reprinting.
Hope this mail finds you well!

It is our immense pleasure to invite you as an Editorial Board member for Sociology International Journal.

MedCrave in its bag having 2000+ Open Access quality articles and more than 5000 EB has come about  in the short period by providing DOI to articles from Cross Ref and indexing in repositories like ICMJE & Pubs Hub, that adds value to the quality work published and helps in easy access throughout the globe.

Based upon your eminence and expertise, we would like to have your profile in our Journal Editorial board. In fact presence of renowned people like you will add visibility towards our Journal and certainly many researchers will cite your profile.

Kindly send us your CV, Biography, Research Interest & Recent portrait photograph.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.

We await your positive response.

Best Regards,
Levi Martin
Editorial Office-MedCrave Group
Sociology International Journal
It is nice to have my "eminence" recognized, particularly by a publishing group which has 2000+ articles "in its bag". Interestingly, the name "Levi Martin" is close to the name of a prolific sociologist at the University of Chicago, who I am quite sure is not involved in this enterprise.


  1. I just received the following email, in which the same Levi Martin asks me "humbly to submit any kind of article as early as possible"

    Here is the full text

    Dear Dr. Victor G,

    Hope this email finds you well.

    At first, I sincerely apologize if am disturbing you with my frequent emails.

    Well, keeping in view of Sociology International Journal progress and to have your intervention with our Journal, we are approaching you by this email. I humbly request you to submit any kind of article as early as possible. In fact your single article contribution helps us a lot to achieve my goal.

    Hope you will not disappoint me and get back with positive response. If possible, I personally request you to submit your manuscript on or before end of July so that we will able to release Volume 1 Issue 2 in time.

    Appreciate if you could acknowledge our email with in 24 hrs.

    Await your prompt reply.

    Best Regards,
    Levi Martin

  2. Within the past year I have also received an email similar to the above commenter soliciting a manuscript.

    Today I received an email from "Levi Martin" containing an article for peer review ("The Evaluation of Learning in Higher Education in Ecuador") as well as their "reviewer form."

    I didn't open either attachment, but it is curious. If you look at International Sociology Journal's home site (on they have a list of "Honorable Editors" on their Editorial Board headed by Ivan Szelenyi from Yale (who is listed as a Professor Emeritus of Sociology on Yale's website).

    I am not a sociologist (my field is Cultural Studies and I have a publication in the Journal of Historical Sociology), so I am at sea as to who these people are or what they want. It is peculiar.

    1. I just posted about another "Levi Martin" solicitation. Have you gotten another?

    2. I also received an e-mail - Heading 'Adorable Submission'. It reads:
      Dear Dr. Barbara Zollner,

      Hope you are doing well.
      Apologize if I am disturbing you with my email.
      I am pleased to inform you that Sociology International Journal is planning to release an upcoming issue by 25th of November and we are in need of two articles to accomplish this issue. But I am afraid as I am now on 15th November. Hardly I am having few more days in hand to accomplish the task.

      Hence I have chosen some illustrious people like you to support us for release the upcoming issue. So will you please help us by submitting a Research/ Review/2 Page Opinion/Mini-Review/Case Report for publication.

      Your single article sustains us a lot and impacts my ranking in end of this month.
      Await your precious submission.

      Best Regards,
      Levi Martin