Monday, June 26, 2017

email from fake journals: medcrave spams again

I don't post most of the fake journal spam solicitations I find in my inbox, but I couldn't pass up sharing this one, the second from 'Medcrave' and its "Sociology International Journal"in recent months.
Hope this mail finds you well!
It is our immense pleasure to invite you as an Editorial Board member for Sociology International Journal.
MedCrave in its bag having 2000+ Open Access quality articles and more than 5000 EB has come about  in the short period by providing DOI to articles from Cross Ref and indexing in repositories like ICMJE & Pubs Hub, that adds value to the quality work published and helps in easy access throughout the globe.
Based upon your eminence and expertise, we would like to have your profile in our Journal Editorial board. In fact presence of renowned people like you will add visibility towards our Journal and certainly many researchers will cite your profile.
For editor roles and responsibilities, please click here
Kindly send us your CV, Biography, Research Interest & Recent portrait photograph.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.
We await your positive response.
Best Regards,
Levi Martin
Editorial Office-MedCrave Group
Sociology International Journal
The language in this second spam solicitation is identical to the one from May, except this time the subject heading was "Encourage with your support". I kind of miss "Honorable editor".


  1. Strange journal indeed. However, in the first issue I spotted an article by a group of eminent scholars, including the sociologist Beth Schaefer Caniglia as one of the authors: Have these authors also fallen for this dubious journal? Or is the journal not as dubious as its spam mails make it appear after all?

  2. Interesting. Have a look at the editorial board of this journal ( you can comment on the reputations of some of those members. Also, Medcrave claims to have an office in Oklahoma, and one of the authors of this article (Delano) is at OK State; though I have no idea whether this is relevant, perhaps there's a personal connection?