Monday, June 26, 2017

More spam from scam journals: Isaac edition

Isaac Scientific Publishing is back with fresh spam, this time touting a fake academic journal of soil science (really? soil science? where do these outfits get their mailing lists from?) They seem to be hq'ed or at least have a mailing address in Hong Kong, where they also purport to be registered (and not Korea---my bad). But for bargain hunters, Isaac is offering a discount deal:
To attract more high quality papers, we will offer favorable discounts for multiple submissions of the same author:
For the second submission, you will enjoy 10% off.
For the third and more submissions, you will enjoy 20% off.

Besides, a valid recommended paper (whose author mentions your name after submission) will bring you an extra 10% off coupon, and this recommended paper will enjoy 10% off.
Sounds pretty high quality to me.

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