Sunday, August 13, 2017

Invitation to another fake academic conference in Hawaii

Why, yes, a vacation in Hawaii this coming January sounds lovely. And all I have to do to arrange it is to pretend to write a paper to pretend to present at a pretend conference in Honolulu, and to pretend to my college that this is a legitimate international meeting of scholars and an appropriate venue for my work, so that my trip to Hawaii is paid for by the tuition dollars of my students.

No, despite the lure of tropical beaches in the dead of a northeastern winter, I think I will delete the most recent HUIC invitation to "The 2018 January Hawaii University International Conferences (HUIC) Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences & Education 7th Annual Conference welcomes and invites papers (in English only) from all areas of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences & Education." When I finally get to Hawaii, I'll go honestly.

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