Monday, August 21, 2017

New solicitation from Isaac Publishing

I got a new solicitation from Beall listed Isaac Scientific Publishing's Environmental Pollution and Protection the other day, subject heading "Some Notes about Submissions to "Environmental Pollution and Protection", with the quite false implicature that I had submitted something to them. The offer in the body of the email is too good not to share:
Thanks for your attention to our journal: Environmental Pollution and Protection(EPP)(ISSN Online: 2519-1063).
You mean my mocking blog post?
Here are some notes about the preparation of your manuscripts:

1. Your paper must be written in English and has never been published in other publications. However, preprints are acceptable. Manuscripts can be prepared in MS-Word or Latex format, and the templates are available at
Pre-prints? Of an article not already published?
2. Your manuscripts should be submitted to our Manuscript Tracking System. However, if you have difficulties in accessing the system, e-mail submissions to are also accepted.
Also, they won't rule out submission by carrier pigeons. But wait, there's more:

3. We offer favorable discounts for multiple submissions of the same author:
For the second submission, you will enjoy 10% Article Processing Charge off.
For the third and more submissions, you will enjoy 15% Article Processing Charge off.
Besides, a valid submission of your friend with your recommendation will bring you extra 5% discount off the publication fee.

4. All manuscripts are subject to strict peer review. You are encouraged to recommend reviewers. If the recommended reviewer is qualified and his/her review result is adopted, the fee for extra pages of your paper will be waived.
That's right, I get to select my peer reviewers. Perhaps one of those carrier pigeons?
5. You are encouraged to post & introduce your published paper on the other websites, such as BBS, blog and social network. An article containing the link to your paper brings you a 10% Article Processing Charge off, and up to two such discount can be given for each paper.
Thanks, but no thanks. 

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