Friday, September 8, 2017

The living dead

The girl who died three years ago but continues nonetheless to be sustained on life-support might be ruled alive by a jury:

A teen girl who was declared brain dead more than three years ago following a tonsillectomy may technically still be alive, a California judge has ruled.
Alameda County Judge Stephen Pulido is allowing a malpractice lawsuit against a hospital to move forward, possibly setting up Jahi McMath's family to have her care paid for if they are successful.
A jury could award unlimited economic damages for ongoing medical care, which Jahi's family could not claim if she were declared dead.
The judge ruled that it is up to a jury to decide whether Jahi is still alive, and whether doctors at Children's Hospital in Oakland botched a routine operation to remove her tonsils.
What a cluster-fuck for all concerned. 

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