Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Notes from the kakistocracy*: Worse to come?

After the election last November, I worried that the Trump regime would end in smoking pile of radioactive rubble. Nothing that has happened since has erased that vision, but now I am worrying that the smoking pile of radioactive rubble won't be the end, but only the middle, with worse to follow---What is that worse? Human sacrifice? Cannibalism? I find myself pushing at the limits of what I allow myself to imagine. Hysterical? Hyperbolic? I hope so. But think: Trump and his supporters have already demonstrated their willingness to sacrifice others to feed their endless resentment---how else can you explain the thirst to deny millions of people access to medical care? Hunger to exile 11 million people, workers, tax payers, community stalwarts, students, members of the US military---American in everything except legal status?

*(I have switched from "kakocracy" to "kakistocracy" since the internet tells me that the former is the dated usage. The meaning is the same, and alas, continues to be all too apt.)

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