Friday, January 26, 2018

I love the smell of bullshit in the morning

Question: Is higher education in the US suffocating in bullshit? 
Response: Do bears shit in the woods?

In the Chronicle, Christian Smith lists the ways; here are some:

BS is the shifting of the "burden" of teaching undergraduate courses from traditional tenure-track faculty to miscellaneous, often-underpaid adjunct faculty and graduate students.
BS is states pounding their chests over their great public universities even while their legislatures cut higher-education budgets year after year after year.
BS is the fantasy that education worthy of the name can be accomplished online through "distance learning."
BS is the institutional reward system that coerces graduate students and faculty to "get published" as soon and as much as possible, rather than to take the time to mature intellectually and produce scholarship of real importance — leading to a raft of books and articles that contribute little to our knowledge about human concerns that matter.
BS is third-tier universities offering mediocre graduate programs to train second-rate Ph.D. students for jobs that do not exist, whose real function is to provide faculty with graduate RAs and to justify the title of "university."
BS is undergraduate "core" curricula that are actually not core course systems but loose sets of distribution requirements, representing uneasy truces between turf-protecting divisions and departments intent on keeping their classes full, which students typically then come to view as impositions to "get out of the way."
Certainly, the destruction of our educational institutions is not limited to these shores; the UK has been systematically dismantling its academies for years, and I suspect that we can find this death by bullshit at university systems around the world.

Is this a good thing? It depends on how much you enjoy the fragrance of ordure.

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