Monday, March 26, 2018

Potentially malicious or compromised

Here we go again: "Dr. Fltecher Smith," 'editor' of the "International Journal of Arts and Humanities" (still sporting a hotmail account), invites me to submit a manuscript to his fake academic journal by April fools day (tempting), to be published in that journal so long as the paper passes its rigorous 7-10 day review process and is within the tightly circumscribed focus of the journal---i.e. so long as it falls within the fields of:

Anthropology, Archaeology, Applied Mathematics, Communication studies, Corporate governance, Criminology, Cross-cultural Studies, Demography, Development studies, Economics, Economic History, English Literature, Ethics, Geography, General Studies, History, Human Factor, Human Rights, Human Right Law, Human Resource Development, Human Computer Interaction, Human Studies, Industrial Relations, Information Sciences, Law, Linguistics, Library Science, Microbiology, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Psychology, Public administration, Sociology, Social Welfare, Statistics, Paralegal, Performing arts (music, theatre & dance), Religious studies, Visual arts, Women Studies, Translation Studies.
My institution has blocked the website of CGRD, the self -described "independent virtual Research Center" and publisher of this journal as a potentially malicious or compromised website. I can't speak to that, though I recommend heeding this warning and staying away from it. But I take this warning about the CGRD website as emblematic of this 'journal'---potentially malicious or compromised.


  1. Send them a recipe for Gluten-free pizza. That would qualify, potentially, under 'General Studies' (food), and 'Microbiology' (the question, 'whither GMO wheat and the human gastrointestinal system') -- conceivably, 'Visual Arts' (how pretty is the pizza?).

    Refusal to publish a really decent, gluten-free pizza recipe would be, well -- rude. And what sort of person names their male child "Fltecher"??

    1. Love it, whether or not the recipe really does yield a decent gluten free pizza (I have my doubts).