Friday, April 13, 2018

Suspect publishers: Cambridge Scholars edition

I had never heard of Cambridge Scholars Publishing, so my scam alert level rose when I got this unsolicited solicitation:

I am a Commissioning Editor for Cambridge Scholars Publishing (further details below my signature) with a brief to develop the subject areas in which we publish books. As such I am in the process of developing collections based on key areas of Arts and Humanities. As I believe you already have some experience of academic and scientific publication in this field, I wondered whether you would consider publishing a title with us. We are accepting proposals for monographs and edited collections.
We offer a fast, fair and friendly proposal review. Our titles are distributed worldwide via our international network of booksellers including Amazon, Blackwell, Baker & Taylor, YBP and Ingram, in handsome hardback, as well as eBook formats. We offer an escalating royalty payment – the more we sell, the higher the royalty rate. Your book will never be out of stock, with our unique Print on Time global distribution system. And we never charge for publication.
You can download a Book Proposal Form from our website. Alternatively, contact me and I will gladly send one to you and answer any queries you may have.
We are also developing Editorial Advisory Boards across our publishing fields. If this is something that you would like to learn more about, or apply to join, please do let me know. You can see more details on our website.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards,
Adam Rummens
Commissioning Editor
They seem to be expanding their offerings from 'journals' to monographs, and expanding their fields as well. This link on 'Flaky Academic Journals' provides more background. On the one hand, they claim not to charge for publication. On the other, they seem to have faced difficulties in recruiting to fill their editorial boards. Smells like a vanity press to me, though they deny it. I haven't figured out how they make money if it is true, and maybe it isn't, that they don't charge authors for publication. Thoughts?

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