Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring harvest of emails from fake academic journals

The International Journal of Philosophy is at it again. Meanwhile, the Journal of Sociology wants me as an editorial board member, or reviewer, or contributor.
 And now comes the American International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, published by Center for Global Research Development (CGRD), which describes itself as
 an independent virtual Research Center has been working for creating and nurturing talents in USA and Bangladesh since its inception. CGRD delivering supports and services to education and research in all over the world.
Its embrace of research seems all inclusive, judging from the areas covered by this journal:

Anthropology, Business Studies, Communication Studies, Corporate Governance, Criminology, Cross-cultural Studies, Demography, Development Studies, Economics, Education, English Literature, Ethics, Geography, General Studies, History, Human Studies, Industrial Relations, Information Science, International Relations, Law, Linguistics, Library Science, Media Studies, Methodology, Philosophy, Political Science, Population Studies, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Social Welfare, Linguistics, Literature, Paralegal, Performing Arts (Music, Theatre & Dance), Religious Studies, Visual Arts, Women Studies and so on.
And so on indeed.

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