Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trump's flying monkeys

In the fictional Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch of the West relies on flying monkeys to carry out her nefarious plans; without them, her powers to harm are much more limited. In the non-fictional United States, Trump also needs flying monkeys to exercise his malign powers. Sadly, he has them. As Paul Krugman notes: 
this isn’t a column about Trump. It is, instead, about the people who are enabling his betrayal of America: the inner circle of officials and media personalities who are willing to back him up whatever he says or does, and the wider set of politicians — basically the entire Republican delegation in Congress — who have the power and constitutional obligation to stop what he’s doing, but won’t lift a finger in America’s defense.
He speculates about their motivation:
Why are Republican politicians unwilling to discharge their constitutional responsibilities? Relatively few of them, one suspects, actually want a trade war, let alone a breakup of the Western alliance. And many of them, one also suspects, are well aware that a de facto foreign agent sits in the Oval Office. But they are immobilized by a combination of venality and cowardice.
 Here are the facts: if the members of the GOP (looking at you, Susan Collins, and you, Jeff Flake) who deplore Trump's trashing of Canada and the G7 (now 6 since Trump's tweet storm?) or his cruel and pointless policy toward refugees, ripping children from their parents' arms, or now, his servile surrender to North Korea but adopting its (and China's) preferred language, or about a million other destructive and corrupt plans, they have the power to ally themselves with the democrats in Congress and overturn them. That they do not, that they will not, that they seem to see the harms and horrors being done yet continue to fly in the monkey squad, is, I suppose a matter for their psychiatrists to figure out.

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