Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mid-summer spam from scam journal

Have you ever heard of the International Journal of Philosophy? Neither had I, until a few days ago when I got a spam solicitation, seemingly computer generated, using key terms from a recent article of mine (in a non-fake journal. This "journal", whose name is a sound alike for several legitimate philosophy journals, is one of dozens, hundreds probably, produced by the Science Publishing Group, a company registered with New York State in 2012, with an address in Manhattan, and listing YING XIONG as CEO (a fairly common name, as well as the title of a 2002 Chinese action film, and nominee for best foreign film in 2003, translated as "Hero" in English.)According to the watchdog blog Flaky Academic Journals, it is in "media partnership" with another scam outfit Omics International, from which I (along with countless others) have also received spam solicitations.

These fake academic publishing scams grow like weeds. We all know the ongoing danger they pose: like weeds, they will choke out cultivated crops: legitimate research. But maybe in this post-truth age, fewer and fewer will care.

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