Monday, February 25, 2019

Spammed again: International Journal of Philosophy

It's been awhile---partly because blogs seem to be more suited to the Obama years than the Trump era, partly because the amount of fake journal solicitation spam in my inbox has declined dramatically (I suspect this is due to a more efficient spam catcher used by my email server rather than a drop in fake journal activity.) But the International Journal of Philosophy is at it again, this time raising the stakes and inviting me to be a guest editor. Humbled as I am by this offer, (due to my "scientific achievements in Philosophy") I thought it was worth sharing:

Eminent scholars and researchers are welcomed to launch a special issue in their familiar domains. In view of your scientific achievements in Philosophy, we are confident that you are capable of proposing a special issue and serving as the Lead Guest Editor. On condition that the proposal is permitted, you will serve as the Lead Guest Editor.
Duties of a Lead Guest Editor:
1.     Build a reviewer group consisting of at least 5 guest editors to undertake strict pre-check and peer-review processes in order to guarantee the quality of published works
2.     Make the decision on the acceptance or rejection of an article
3.     Increase the visibility of the special issue
4.     Encourage researchers to contribute manuscripts to the special issue
Benefits of the Lead Guest Editor:
1.     Stay current with the cutting-edge scientific discoveries
2.     Connect with distinguished experts all over the world
3.     Have a greater chance of being promoted to the journal's Editor-in-Chief
4.     Publish one manuscript without any charges in the special issue
5.     Obtain a Certificate of Honor (PDF format)
6.     Get one hard copy of the special issue free of cost when the special issue has been finished successfully (on request)
You, dear reader, will probably not be surprised when I confess that I will take a pass on this offer.

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